Hi from Adrienne Smillie
Remedial Massage & Natural Health Therapist FNQ

Sore shoulder? Sore back?
Sore neck?

Have you got used to living with your daily aches & pains?
Do you feel like you don’t have enough energy? Do you feel stressed?
Could your digestion be working better? Would you like improved sleep?

Are there some health goals you’d like to achieve? We can help!

Our passion is to educate and empower individuals to transform their health from pain and discomfort to increased energy, improved mobility and relief from stress.

We have experience working with people from all walks of life including children, the elderly and pregnant women.
Using a combination of the following: Remedial Massage, Deep Tissue MassageJapanese Shiatsu MassageStretch Therapy, reflexology, pregnancy, nutritional assistance, and stress relief techniques.

We can work together to tailor a program that ‘works for you’ and will help you reach the level of health you desire.
Adrienne is an accredited member of the Shiatsu Association of Australia and is a qualified Stretch Therapy teacher and has a Diploma in Emotional Release Counselling with 30 years of experience.

Let us work together so that you can have a long, healthy life. You owe it to yourself, and the people who love you!!

I am available by appointment in Mareeba, Far North Qld – please contact me below

Why Choose Adrienne Smillie?

Qualifications and Experience:

Diploma of Zen Shiatsu 
A current member of the Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia – Adrienne Smillie has subscribed to the Association’s code of Standards and Ethics and undertaken to support the goals and objectives of the Association. ID: 901228

Stretch Therapy 
Certificate of Attainment – Teacher Intensive Programs
Diploma of Deep Tissue Massage

Certificate in Emotional Release Counselling for adults and children

Additional training and explorations over time include: 
Emmett Technique, Quantum touch, Reiki, Ortho-bionomy, All The Avatar self development courses, NLP, Meditation practices, business practice courses and seminars and more…..

Personal interests:
Gardening, Herbs for medicine, Food as medicine, Sustainable Community Projects. 
Personal accomplishments include 2 times National Silver medal winner for Elite Masters 50+ Pole Sport championships 

The Australian Pole Sports Federation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting pole as an athletic sport. 
Australian Pole Sports Federation

Personal accomplishments include 2 times National Silver medal winner for Elite Masters 50+ Pole Sport championships 

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