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Stretch Therapy – What Is It?

You may ask what is Stretch Therapy and how is it different to Yoga?

Stretch Therapy What Is It

Most people associate stretching with yoga, and although there are some similarities, the techniques used in ST have significant differences

Stretch Therapy (ST) is a comprehensive system that includes stretching, fascial re-modelling, strengthening, neural re-patterning, and relaxation. The goals are grace and ease, and this is experienced as enhanced awareness and elegance in movement.

Applications of the ST approach span rehabilitation of specific physical problems, through the development of more efficient alignment and movement patterns, all the way to improvement of elite athletic performance. Everyone will find themselves somewhere on this continuum!

We say that ST is a safe, yet extremely efficient, way to improve your flexibility, but that’s only a convenient way to open the dialogue. As one starts to work with the body, new needs will be uncovered and you will find yourself pulling on one of the many strands of the ST approach. Everyone’s path is unique, and our approaches reflect this reality.

ST is practised by thousands of people worldwide, and is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. ST comprises the following main elements:

We use a number of techniques to improve the Range of Movement (ROM) of the body; nerves, fascia and muscles are used as ‘gateways’ to change the brain.

Inactive muscles are made active; knees, shoulders, and elbows are stabilised; posture and alignment are made more efficient.

The capacity of the whole body to exert force is the emphasis here; most of our techniques are body-weight only, and all involve the ‘core’.

The forgotten part of any health optimisation program. Here, ‘relaxation’ is used in two ways: the first as a shorthand for techniques that enhance speed (any force-producing agonist needs its antagonist to relax equally quickly so that a limb, or a whole body, can move faster), and the second sense, the fundamental part of rejuvenation and regeneration practises.

Together, the Stretch Therapy elements enable anyone to improve flexibility and to perform ordinary and extraordinary tasks with greater ease and better performance, and for longer in life.

Stretch Therapy is the safest, most efficient method for anyone to achieve grace and ease in daily life, whether as an office worker, or an athlete. Stretch Therapy is used by pregnant women, teenagers, sportspeople, coaches, employers, and men and women of all ages.

Safety and Effectiveness

All Stretch Therapy exercises have been subjected to a huge amount of testing by our teachers, therapists and students. Of the 100 or so standard exercise forms we use, we have rejected at least a similar number for failing to satisfy this criterion

All potential Stretch Therapy exercises are weighed against the criterion of effectiveness (efficiency). If two exercises are equally safe, the more effective one is selected.

Adrienne Smillie has personally studied with Kit Laughlin
(Method developed by Kit Laughlin)

Individual Stretch Therapy sessions are available in person and ONLINE for those who appreciate a personal program.  

Group face to face and ONLINE courses are presented all year round for best results – Price on Application

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