Many Benefits Of Meditation


The Many Benefits Of Meditation

Many people want to experience life more deeply and feel instinctively that there is more to life than how it appears on the surface.

Most find that it is difficult to be still internally because the mind is too busy.

Still, others don’t understand why their emotional life is a roller-coaster, and why it seems there is no time to do anything.

All the ‘problems’ of daily life have their roots in not accepting your Reality as it really is.

Instead, we want it to be different somehow!!

We waste our time by dreaming about ideas, and memories of a past that can never return, or about a future that has not come!!

The direct result of doing this is to completely miss out on the only real, vital thing in one’s life, the present!!

Meditation courses are designed to provide you with the tools that work ‘for you.’  It’s not ‘one size fits all.’

You’ll learn how to go deeper into the ordinary experiences of daily life, to still the mind. Learn how to cope better with everyday stress.

Discover a calmness that you can call on at any time. An excess of energy that you never knew you had, and a renewed sense of ‘being in control of your life again!!’

Meditation and the direct experience of relaxation have the potential to change you radically!

Do you want to change?

To experience the ‘real you?’

8 week courses are held throughout the year


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