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Claiming On Your Private Health

As of 1st April 2019, the Australian government has banned private health insurers from offering rebates on 16 natural therapies.
As of this date, you will not be able to claim ‘private’ insurance treatments from this practice.
Despite this change to Australia’s freedom of choice in health care, please be assured that we continue to be committed to the very best in professional and innovative natural health care.

Your Health Your Choice

Stretch Therapy

Stretch Therapy Classes are available all year round in Mareeba and ONLINE

Price Upon Application Further Information

Zen Shiatsu

Shiatsu massage is a Japanese therapy that assists with a variety of conditions including back, neck & shoulder pain, fatigue, injuries, depression, insomnia, migraines, menstrual issues, muscle tension, irritable bowel, stress related conditions and more.

60 mins $90 – Health kick start
90 mins $120 – Health accelerator (Most effective duration)

Remedial Massage

The goal of remedial massage is to reduce pain, increase mobility and relieve stress.
Because every person is unique, a variety of approaches may be used to address individual needs.

60 mins $90
90 mins $120

Individual Stretch Therapy Sessions

Stretch therapy is a very effective body stretching system that addresses back, shoulder & neck pain while cultivating flexibility and strength for the whole body.

60 Min $90

Pain Relief & Recovery

Brand new to Australia. Recently approved by TGA, the miHealth device has revolutionised the natural treatment of pain relief in the USA, UK and parts of Europe. Come for a session and see how this groundbreaking technology can help you.

30 Min $60

Relaxation, Meditation, Stretch Classes
Price upon application

NB: – Appointments are specially made for you – If you wish to change your time please advise 24 hours prior to your appointment or fees apply. Thank you for your consideration.

Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Amex.

Life can create various challenges and pressures on our body and mind causing us to experience stress, pain and disease. 

Every person is unique, so a variety of approaches maybe used to help assist with rebalancing and re-harmonising both body and mind. 

At times firm pressure is what is required or perhaps a gentle soft approach is what works for you – or a combination.  

Discussion before your treatment will determine the technique and focus needed.  Ironing out tension, calming the nervous system and promoting a state of balance and well-being is the goal, leaving you feeling healthier all over.  

It all depends on what you need! Often a series of treatments, 1 to 2 weeks apart are beneficial to address nagging issues. Once resolved it can be very beneficial to receive treatments monthly as maintenance, helping with relaxation and giving you a ‘reading’ on how everything is going.

Fitness is so important for health and well-being it cannot be emphasised enough. 

Stretch Therapy is a system that helps you relax, invigorate, get stretched and move with ease and grace through life.

This system uses the contract-relax method helping you to become more flexible faster with less pain. 

It can be common for folks to experience pain and discomfort in their digestive system. Are you experiencing bloating, constipation, diarrhoea or indigestion?

Yes! it is generally safe to receive massage while pregnant, in fact, it can be very beneficial. Considerations taken into account are:  if you have had previous miscarriages and certain acupressure points are avoided.

I’m delighted to say yes. Stretch Therapy ONLINE 8 week courses are currently available.

If you have not done ST before we can arrange an online private session or video instruction so that you become familiar with the techniques we use and to see if it’s a good fit for you.